Departure/Arrival, CD

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Departure / Arrival (Album, CD, 2013) Introspection/Cosmos, INT13002
01. Airplay
02. Portobello
03. Sea and sky and you and I *
04. Fireworks
05. Head vs. heart
06. Lightweight
07. Close to home
08. Sleepless nights
09. Silkworm *
10. Forever

Total playing time: 36:51. All music written, arranged and performed by Trummor & Orgel, except * by Trummor & Orgel and Peter Morén. Produced by Trummor & Orgel. Recorded at Cardboard Watch Studios for Introspection. Mixed by Simon Nordberg at Studio Decibel. Mastered by Classe Persson at CRP. Photo and artwork by Daniel Olsén.

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